MVP-Soft is a virtual team with members from US,Europe, Asia and India.

MVP-Soft is a company run by three founders, that work thanks to excellent communication and satisfaction. Most of the workers are from Serbia, and we are proud that our colleagues from Armenia and India are joining us. The fact that everyone works from home and is not together all the time did not disrupt the team spirit, togetherness and support we give each other. Together we celebrate successes and overcome obstacles and possible mistakes. Since the founding of the company, no workers have left, we are open to new people who have similar business values.

Predrag Filipovic

CTO & Co-Founder

A programmer who has been looking for details and meaning for 12 years, if he were not in this business, says that he would be involved in music or some kind of art. Full stack developer, worked on various technologies and large projects as a “technical lead”. He is one of the co-founders of the company, currently a CTO who always helps in the organization when needed. He describes his colleagues and working days as follows: “Friendship above all. Trust. “Common ideas about the direction in which the company should develop”.

Vladica Ognjanovic

Principal & Co-Founder

For almost 20 years in the world of developers. He have worked on software development and project management. Today he programs when has time, because he manages MV -soft company with colleagues, where he is in the position of Application Development Manager. He describes the company he works for as a team. “We have no stars, no best people. We all have the same goal – to get the project done. If the project is successful, the team is successful, if there are problems, the whole team has problems. The funny thing is that we all work from home, we rarely see each other, but no one has the feeling that they work alone. That feeling that you are not alone, but that you are part of something bigger is what we like to nurture here. We are distinguished from the others by the hierarchy (which is not formally here) and working in a real (not a hybrid) virtual team “. In his free time, he likes to (he will complete it as soon as he finds out what his free time is).