Business Challenge

The marketing company identified a small group of sole proprietors and their need for a simple and cost-effective CRM. Scalability and ease of expansion should be features of the platform.
Our solution
We suggested using technologies from reputable vendors to create highly available solutions. In a fast-paced business environment, we contend that the primary objective of our solutions is simplicity (ease of use), and users should be able to use them without any training. For licensing, a variety of payment methods should be supported.


We build 1099 CRM on top of Microsoft and Twitter platforms ( .NET, RESTApi, React).
Using the material design, we were able to create a smooth, user-friendly, responsive design that lets users concentrate on the needs of the business rather than the application.

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Client’s day-to-day business is around repairing electrical equipment either in their own laboratories, or shipping them out to the vendors, or doing an onsite repair inside medical provider facilities.


Our client has grown its business from a start-up to a mid-size business and much of the company processes are people centric.

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