Business Challenge

Our client is in the medical equipment service business. Client’s day-to-day business is around repairing electrical equipment either in their own laboratories, or shipping them out to the vendors, or doing an onsite repair inside medical provider facilities. Each order had to be fully documented and in compliance with the business workflow (from the moment when the order is created, shipped, quoted, repaired, shipped back, and invoiced).

Our Solution

We proposed to build a custom ERP to match the client’s operational processes. Our main goal was to make client business scalable. It was clear that many steps in the day’s work are around people that are leading the work and for this reason, it was hard to grow.
The proposal is to build:
CRM module for handling customer’s data, have a full history of work that is done.
Order module that models the business processes
Inventory management module for tracking inventory with build in alert system for quantities
Model module for maintaining vendors and models.
Analytics module for a perfect insight into customer data for better-serving customers and also building new opportunities.


Utilizing the Microsoft platform on top of the SQL server database we have developed highly available and scalable solution that can support many customers and users. Our approach is implemented as a responsive web application that can be used on any desktop, laptop, or hand device. Integrating system roles that are matching business processes we have achieved a unique and easy-to-use solution that has led this business forward.

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Our client has grown its business from a start-up to a mid-size business and much of the company processes are people centric.


The marketing company identified a small group of sole proprietors and their need for a simple and cost-effective CRM. Scalability and ease of expansion should be features of the platform.

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